Al Ghariya Cycling

Al Ghariya takes on an ambitious mission on taking cycling into the next level, not only by providing Qatar and the region with the world’s best bicycles, but also by creating an environment that embraces enthusiasts and athletes.

Al Ghariya’s mission is to create a healthy and active community of cyclists, giving them the experience they deserve.


These are the fundamentals of the concept which together form a logo resembling a handwritten signature. Combining graffiti art with word play, the handwriting takes the name into a more fluid and flexible boundary.

The final result is simple and modern. It’s a special combination of the name with a bicycle shape that works as one seamless symbol that cannot be separated.

AlGhariya Logo
AlGhariya LogoProcess Slim
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AlGhariya Fonts
AlGhariya Colors

The visual identity is modern and dynamic.
Punches orange streaks over dark backgrounds emanted sportiness, which successfully represent the core values of the brand.

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The recent store opening was successful and many guests enjoyed the brand identity in action.

AlGhariya StoreOpen2
AlGhariya StoreOpen1
AlGhariya StoreOpen3

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