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Delightfully street, unapologetically pink and funky. Hue&Cry is ready to have fun, to serve great street food and give everyone funky vibes.

Artal designed the brand identity and gave life to the client’s chill street food concept.

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Primary Logo
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Secondary Logo
hac logo lightpink outlined
hac logo pink outlined
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hac logo lightpink plain
hac logo pink plain
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Main Monogram
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Secondary Usage
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hac mono pink outline 1
hac mono purple outline
hac mono lightpink plain
hac mono pink plain
hac mono purple plain
hac pattern
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hac color red scaled
hac color black scaled
hac stripes scaled
hac stripes scaled
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hac pizza 1 scaled
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hac stripes scaled
hac pizza 2
hac fries 2
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hac wrap
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hac cup 3
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