Tawla is an innovative mobile app in Qatar that allows you to comfortably book a table at your favorite restaurant. Booking your cherished occasions has never been easier.

Artal helped Tawla create their brand identity. A UI/UX fitting their brand was then designed and developed into a mobile app.

Tawla FrontiPhones
Tawla LogoBreakdown
Tawla LogoXL
Tawla Photo01
Tawla Photo02
Tawla ColorGold
Tawla ColorGrey 1
Tawla ColorBlack
Tawla ColorWhite
Tawla Stationary

Main Font:
Source Serif Variable

The variable font allows lot of flexibility, meaning it can be used for headlines, headings, and text body without compromising on the contrast.


Secondary Font:

Tawla BusinessCards
Tawla Stamp
Tawla Laptop
Tawla TwoPhones
Tawla IsoiPhones

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